CNC Machines for composite panels

The most powerful CNC vertical panel router

Powerful CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table for milling, drilling and grooving at very high speed MADE FOR composite panels used in architecture, transport, interior design and visual communication.

Alu Ranger 4221 6321 10121 VGroove advantages

  • The robust vertical design absorbs more vibration which results in less chatter marks during processing that will extend tool life. 
  • Table flatness is guaranteed by machining the frame vertically
  • Operator’s safety is increased by side protection barriers and a safety light curtain

Less 60% of space occupied in regards to a horizontal router

  • Made for taking up less space
  • Ergonomic access to the vertical table
  • Higher safety for the operator
  • Granted clean table: what is not held falls on the floor

Integrated automation 

  • Automatic loading and positioning without operators 
  • More productivity 
  • Less risk of panels falling 
  • Best possible access for panel downloading

Panel Vacuum Holding 

  • Vacuum holding zones made for ACM panels 
  • Easy release for processed panels (patent pending) 
  • No risk of panel falling during downloading 
  • Vacuum pump integrated in the machine frame: less space required, less noise produced