Test baths for pipe test­ing

> Modell-Nr. 1751-1760 The IPT test baths have a level control that ensures that the test medium is topped up automatically with the priority of temperature before wa­ter Level. The over-temperature shutdown is a separate control circuit that ensures that the heaters function reliably, even in the event of a fault. The special cir­cu­la­tion system guarantees high accuracy and uniform temperature distribution. The frequency-controlled cir­cu­la­tion pumps used by IPT have the advantage that our systems can be operated almost irrespective of the supply voltages in the various countries. The double insulation of the basic container and a high quality insulated lid guarantee minimum energy loss. Special pro­file seals keep steam and heat in the test bath and protect against injuries. IPT supplies a wide selection of test bath sizes with 3 different lid systems.